An evening shoot at Pacific Rim National Park.

For over a decade most of my photographs have explored issues of forests, biodiversity, and climate - subjects which, to say the least in these urgent times, challenge peace of mind.

The images on this site are created alongside that work, the process returning me to my early days at the shore, a time of innocence and peace I often yearn for in these darkening days. Indeed, considering the latest scientific reports, I often feel recording the natural world just as it is may be the only rational thing left to do.

Using long-exposures that build seconds and minutes into a single photograph, this in-camera photographic process captures and emphasizes the allure of these places, distilling time and recalling the senses that can awaken out in the wild. In the Pacific Northwest, and further afield, I’ve spent countless hours standing at the water’s edge - that wavering intersection of land, sea and sky where we can reconnect with our natural origins for a few brief moments. That is the spirit that I intend to capture in these photographs.


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