Six Stones, the very first photograph in this project, looking toward Vancouver Island from Sutil Point, Cortes Island, circa 2000.

Finding balance…

Most of my photographs explore issues of forest, biodiversity, and climate - subjects which, to say the least in these times, challenge one's peace of mind. The images in The Silent Sea collections are created alongside that work, the process returning me to earlier days at the shore, a time of relative innocence, and providing a welcome sense of balance with the more difficult aspects of my overall photographic practice.

In the Pacific Northwest, and further afield, I’ve spent countless hours standing at the water’s edge - that wavering intersection of land, sea and sky where we can reconnect with our natural origins for a few brief moments. That is the spirit that I intend to capture in these photographs.


The Silent Sea collections emerged in 2000 with the first photograph made at the southern tip of Cortes Island in British Columbia, Canada. I was raised on the island, on a small organic fruit farm bounded by forest and sea. Still living nearby in Victoria, the Pacific Northwest has remained at the heart of my practice - the land, sea, and sky weaving their endless story of interconnection.

…and peace

These photographs often employ an in-camera, "long-exposure" technique that builds seconds and minutes into a single photograph. This tranquil process captures and distills time, recalling the senses that can awaken within us on the edge of the wild.