Dusk settles at Pacific Rim National Park

My philosophy

Respecting our natural surroundings, wherever we may be, is a foundation of my studio. As such, I create timeless, limited editions using the best materials, intended to be passed down and enjoyed for generations to come. Enduring images speaking softly in an age of mass production.

What I offer

I create contemporary fine art photography collections themed around the ocean. I offer for sale hand-signed, limited edition photographs to collectors around the world. I work closely with private individuals, galleries, and often with those involved in West Coast and Canadian design and interiors. The museum quality prints are made on cotton rag paper with pigment inks. When framing I use natural materials; typically wood, glass, and paper.

Why I do it

All my work is intended to encourage a sense of connection with place - the sea, the sky, the land, and all within - based on the belief that connection fosters care. Whether these quiet works of The Silent Sea or the environmental projects that speak directly to the challenges of our time, every photograph I release celebrates the vibrant wonder that surrounds us.